Join us for an evening of inspirational speakers sharing their personal interpretations of “The Road Less Traveled”. Add the excitement of a contest, and the energy of 100+ like minded people. Throw in a networking game, door prizes, and an opportunity to jump on stage and share, and you have Speaker Slam!

Witness the passion, the wisdom, the heart – when 8 entertaining speakers go head to head and vie for a $500 cash prize and the coveted title of Speaker Slam champion in an evening of prepared and impromptu speaking that will prove who is the ultimate speaking superstar.

Top 8 Reasons to Attend Speaker Slam!

1. 8 incredibly inspiring speakers sharing their stories.

2. 4 amazingly dynamic and prominent judges.

3. A stylish venue in a central location with an affordable menu.

4. Passion Speed Share – an opportunity to jump up on stage and share something exciting in your own life.

5. A room full of like-minded people that you need to meet.

6. An engaging networking game that allows you to work the room and connect with a purpose.

7. An opportunity to check out the vibe and format of our event while you prepare for your own Speaker Slam debut – yes, YOU can join our contest and compete to win cash and prizes!

8. An enjoyable, entertaining evening out with two wonderful hosts 🙂

To learn more, please visit our website: or check us out on Instagram @SpeakerSlam

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