We are celebrating SEVEN YEARS+ of drumming, active musical explorations, community and maracatu in Toronto, Baque de Bamba will be hosting our annual anniversary festa!!!

Live drumming/epic performances, live painting and an EP RELEASE!!!!!!!

WHEN: Saturday. Nov 19th
TIME: 9pm
WHERE: @ REMIX lounge (1305 Dundas St west )

We are so excited to bring Maracatu traditions and more Brazilian folklore along with our very own creations based on these teachings and traditions.

Besides celebrating being a year older and wiser, we will also be RELEASING our official BAQUE DE BAMBA EP!!

Come spend some quality time with us, listen to our new tunes
and have an amazing time dancing and having fun ��
This year’s party FEATURING (drum roll pleaaaase):

**Talented Singer, Songwriter and multidisciplinary artist Lido Pimienta ♥ !!!

**Toronto’s top latinx Dj Firecracker.

**LIVE PAINTING by the talented artist ZARA DINIZ

**Jewellery and wearable art by Luz Arte

**Spoken word by our very own member, writer/poet Temporal.

***Delicious Brazilian snacks and sweets by Happy Snack. (so good mmmmm!!!)

Led by Brazilian singer and songwriter Aline Morales. Toronto-based group performs exciting rhythms from the northeast of Brazil and beyond. Showcasing the cultural manifestation of “Maracatu de Baque virado” in a contemporary format. Under the musical production of the esteemed producer Dave Arcus and Carlie Howell. Thundering drums come together in raw harmony with horns, guitar, bass and the beautiful voice of Morales.

Lido Pimienta (b.1986) is a Toronto-based Colombian-born interdisciplinary artist-curator and musician. She has performed, exhibited, and curated around the world since 2002. Her work explores the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape in the Latin American Diaspora and vernacular.

Zara Diniz is a Toronto-based artist recognized for her work as a tropical style painter and international muralist. Ever since a young age Zara has been fascinated with the physical properties of paint, the timeliness of the painting process, and her ability to manipulate both in her quest to reproduce the familiar and the recognizable within a painterly matrix. She is the owner of Maluca Studios founded in 2007; a company that offers artistic services and creates murals. She believes that public art can create a positive climate that is empowering and celebrates diversity within the community. Her work is deeply influenced by her travels around the world, which have introduced her to new environments and ways of living. These visits have invariably provided her with a robust memory-collection of individuals, scenes, colours, and patterns, which she incorporates ever-so-subtly into her paintings. Indeed, by playing with space and perception, through a combination of classical realism and painterly expressionism, Zara’s works often have a fleeting, surrealist quality, as figures emerge from and simultaneously fade into their painterly surroundings. She hopes to bring back an appreciation for the beauty of form and colour, and their fundamental role in the reproduction and recreation of emotional and experiential associations in the mind.
Zara can be reached at
Instagram: zara_diniz
Twitter: @zaradiniz

Doors open @ 9pm
$10 before 10pm – $15 after
*Guest list* $10 – Confirm your attendance here by email :

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