FEB 21, 2014

FEB 21, 2014


Reasons To Be Cheerful Part !
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; you were not around at the time so you may not have had the experience of how it sounded and evolved to what it is today, and for those of you who understands and appreciate House Music today, and for those of you who want to be inspired by some of what’s coming up tomorrow.

The Real Deal, these three awesome home grown Toronto DJs, have been around since the inception of House Music, are DjS who kepted the dance floors filled.
DJs Curtis Smith – Out of D’Ordinary, Groove on Down and Dibgate Records.

DJ Mitch Winthrop – Began his career as a disco and funk DJ in Toronto in 1979, and began to develop what was to become a huge following by the mid 80’s. Additionally, he has hosted and/or programmed over six different house music mix shows on various radio stations, spanning the last ten years.

DJ Dave Campbell
Some DJs “break” records in Toronto, meaning they play it in Toronto before it gets played anywhere else. Dave Campbell has broken genres in Toronto. A veritable music encyclopedia, he’s performed all across Canada as well as in the US, Europe, China and the Phillipines.

Dave has that special knack for getting a crowd grooving to his beat, so it’s no surprise that he’s shared the stage with legends like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jam Master Jay, or opened performances for megastars like Usher and Kanye West at ACC

$5 b 4 11pm $10 After

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