A   B  O   U  T       O   U  R       M   E   N   U  S

Kitchen opens Wed thru Sat between 7pm – 1 am

$9    Organic mixed green salad

$4-6 Hand cut fries plain or sweet potato

$9     Nacho supreme – vegetable / beef / chicken

$10   Homemade Sliders – Beef or Vegan / lentil and Chick Peas (vegan)

$12   1lb Wings / Fries  $2 extra for Yam Fries

$14   Haddock n Fries

$6    Desert of the day


For those  seeking  a special treat on special occasions i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, bon voyage parties, weddings, bar – bat mitzvahs, christmas parties or simply your special function.

Our RSVP Menu designed for groups of ten or more…



A shredded salt cod and vegetables and avocado served on a toast points. Buljol is a corruption of the French brûle gueule, which means “burn mouth”. $6.50


Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a very hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice served with tomato tamarind dipping sauce. $12


Callaloo and pumpkin soup/with crabmeat and coconut. $8.95


WATERCRESS AND MANGO SALAD Watercress is one of those “salad greens” that’s enjoyed throughout the islands and though this recipe is a bit more complex than the basic way we would normally have it, I just had to share this with you. The watercress gives it a nice peppery flavour and it’s well balanced with the sweet/tart mango. $9.50



Callaloo W/ Kale

is widely known throughout the Caribbean and has a distinctively Caribbean origin, created by enslaved Africans using ideas of the indigenous people along with both African (okra) and indigenous (Xanthosoma) plants. Trinidadians have embraced this dish from their ancestors and over time have added ingredients such as coconut milk to modify its flavor,we have added Kale as the it is the local super food. $9.00


Jamaican Oxtail and Butter bean Stew

Several cultures, however, have discovered, perhaps by necessity, that this cut of meat can taste delicious after a long and slow braising with the right key ingredients. In a stew that is coursing with garlic, onions, peppers, beans and a traditional medley of seasonings to make a broth that can be sweet, tangy, salty and spicy all at once. $15.00


Jerk is a style of cooking native to Jamaica in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a very hot spice mixture called Jamaican jerk spice. A breast of Chicken.$12.95


Curried tiger shrimps $15.95

Stewed White fish with tomato $13.95

All mains come with a choice of white rice rice plantains and sweet potato callaloo.


Coconut Sorbet $4.95



Provisions Snacks give your event a distinct identity and personalized touch. Creative and delicious snacks also pair well with Provisions craft cocktails and are ideal for events that wish to pepper their evening with delicious bites.
All ingredients used in our passed snacks and full catering menus  are sourced locally and thoughtfully. W e have made it our passion to serve you and your guests the best produce, protein and fish we can find. This is our promise to you!  Each relationship between our suppliers is forged from integrity and honesty; they simply believe in their product and so do we.
We believe in taking care of our planet one step at a time.  We supply sustainable wooden and slate platters as well as cutlery and dish rentals to lower waste. Provisions napkins are made from recycled material.
 P  A   S  S  E   D        S  N   A   C   K   S
Snack  prices  range  between  $2.50  to  $3.75  per  piece.
 S  E   A   .     L   A    K    E   .     R   I   V   E   R   .
Oyster  Emulsion 
Lemongrass and  ginger, sake tapioca, fresh  yuzu and  rice  chip
Torched  Digby  Sea  Scallop 
squid ink rice cracker, carr ot and ginger, szechuan pepper corn  and  pistachio
Lobster  Perogies 
Thai  basil,  scallop  and  avocado  puree
Organic  Irish  Salmon  Sashimi
crispy  salmon skin,  avocado, anaheim chili  and raw  cucumber
Popcorn  Shrimp 
Ancho  chili  pepper,  lime,  mayo  and  green  onion
Prawn  Toast 
chili,  sesame  seed,  nori,  toasted  brioche
Dungeness  Crab  Lettuce  W rap 
Organic egg yolk mayo, celery, apple, spring radish and tempura bits
Tokyo Dog 
black sesame brioche bun, kewpie mayo, pickled red onion and cilantro
 L   A   N   D   .     S  K   Y   .
Montreal  Smoked  Meat
Thomas  Lavers  pickle,  choucr oute  and   Kozlic’s mustard
45  Day  Dry  Aged  Raw  Beef 
multigrain raw cracker, kozliks mustar d, parmesan cheese  and  chives
‘Niagara  on  the  Lake’  Prosciutto 
Puffed    grissini    cracker,    pear    mostar da    and macadamia  nut
Ontario  Harvest  Brisket  Burger 
mini milk bun,  shredded  lettuce, cheddar, pickle and  mayo
Spiced  Lamb  Gyoza 
Goats  yogurt  and  mint  espuma,  pine  nut  and lemon
Wheat  Beer  Braised  Pork  Belly 
steam  bun,  pickled  veg,  and  tamari
Muscovy  Duck  Sausage  Rolls
Orange  zest,  foie  gras,  ginger,  wild  leek  and  sage
Fried  Buttermilk  Chicken 
Waffle  bun,  bacon  mayo,  sorrel,  smoked  cr eme fraiche  and  maple.
G   A   R   D   E   N   .     F   A   R   M   .
Grey  Owl  Goats  Cheese 
Walnut and goats yogurt espuma, anjou pear and earl  gr ey  raisin  pur ee.
Chickpea  Falafel 
mini milk  bun,  cucumber,  pickled  turnip and  tahini
Beets  and  Fennel 
Beet chip, dehydrated and rehydrated beets, smoked creme fraiche and wood sorrel
Crispy  Ravioli 
fresh  ricotta, spinach, toasted garlic and lemon
Russet  Potato  Foam 
Pickled enoki mushroom, porcini dust, parmesan cheese and yukon  potato gaufrette
Ontario  Acorn  Squash  Vol  au  Vent 
buffalo milk ricotta, rosemary and pistachio
Miso  Glazed  Eggplant 
Taro chip, water cress and yuzu
 S  W    E   E   T
Cookies  and  Milk 
Chocolate  chip,  vanilla  milk  custard  and  mint
 Caramel  Popcor n  Cluster 
mixed  nuts,  bacon,  smoked  chili  spice
 Carrot  Cake 
Black  walnut  and  cream  cheese  icing
 Soma  Chocolate  Truffle 
milk  chocolate,  r osemary  and  sea  salt
 Lemon  Tart 
Burnt  meringue  and  graham  cracker
 Burnt  Marshmallow 
graham  cracker,  soma  chocolate
 Artisan  French  Macarons 
Ask  us  about  our  creative  flavors
 Apple  Crumble 
vanilla  tart,  apple  and  bourbon  chantilly